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Welcome to Century Music.   As your 8th grader winds down their last quarters of middle school its never too early to begin exploring and becoming acquainted with Century High School and the host of activities and excitement it provides.


From sports, academics, to music, Century High School is a community hub with outstanding teachers, administrators, involved parents, and talented students, all intently focused on the importance of education and hard work.

At Century, musical instruction and outstanding performances are built upon the foundation laid in elementary and middle school.   Encourage your 8th grader to participate in some way in Century's music programs.  When you attend your freshman's first marching band, instrumental, or choral performance, you will quickly see, and hear, why music is important  and an opportunity not to be missed.  

Marching Band Early Preps.   Given the logistics and preparation required for marching band, planning for the fall marching season actually begins in the spring. During the month of May there are weekly rehearsals from 6PM to 8PM on Mondays. These mini-rehearsals are a great way to check out if marching band and guard are right for your son or daughter.

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